Product Group: AltaFlex Tri-Sector

AltaFlex technology conceals multiple sector antennas inside the lowest diameter (168-330mm) cylindrical housing in the market.  The use of a single compact radome to house a full suite of antennas makes it the ideal solution when planning and zoning restrictions limit standard antenna deployments. It is designed to be easily mounted on rooftops, and on street furniture such as flagpoles and lighting fixtures, and is available in a variety of antenna configurations to suits most applications.

Altaflex beside standard three sector masts

Download a copy of the Altaflex Tri-Sector Antenna Brochure for complete information on the technology and range.

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Beam Width
AW33621710-2690617.3/17.5/17.865°Request A Quote
AW33591710-26901217.3/17.5/17.865°Request A Quote
AW3403698-960//1710-26901211.9/12.0/12.1/17.0/17.3/17.565°Request A Quote
AW3363698-960//1710-26901811.9/12.0/12.1/17.0/17.3/17.565°Request A Quote
AW34603300-3800617.3/17/16.765°Request A Quote
AW34493300-380061865°Request A Quote
AW3631698-960//1710-26901811.9/12.0/12.1/13.2/13.6/14.065°Request A Quote

For other non-standard requirements please contact us with details, and we will be happy to provide a proposal




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R&D initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. Alpha’s R&D on tri-sector projects and the products shown on this page which are now available were supported.