Product Group: Small Cells

A family of ultra-compact antennas which increases the number of mounting options for small cell sites: walls; poles; inside; outside; virtually anywhere! Now approved by many leading operators across the world the Alpha Wireless ultra-compact range leads the market in this regard with: uncompromised RF performance in the smallest form factor;  usable indoors or outdoors; mountable on a pico radio to reduce box count on a mast; optional integrated GPS.

To view the range see the table below

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Beam Width
AW3463698-960MHz2T0° 12dBi65°Request A Quote
AW3464698-960MHz2T0°6.5dBi360°Request A Quote
AW3176-s806-896MHz2T0°6.5dBi360°Request A Quote
T0°6.6/6.8//7dBi360°Request A Quote
AW34741710-2690MHz2T0° or T8°8.0dBi200°Request A Quote
AW33971710-2690MHz4T0° or T8°12.5dBi65°Request A Quote
AW33981710-2690MHz4T0° or T8°6.6//6.3dBi360°Request A Quote
AW33871710-2690MHz2T0° or T8°12.2/12.5//12.7dBi65°Request A Quote
AW33881710-2690MHz2T0° or T8°6.5/6.7//6.9dBi360°Request A Quote
AW33501850-1995MHz2T0° 12.5dBi65°Request A Quote
AW33482496-2690MHz2T0° 12.5dBi65°Request A Quote
AW3477-S2496-2690MHz2T6° - T20°8.5dBi360°Request A Quote
AW3477-S-G2496-2690MHz2T6° - T20°8.5dBi360°Request A Quote
AW34993300-3800MHz4T0° 7.5dBi360°Request A Quote
AW33723300-3800MHz2T0°12.5dBi65°Request A Quote
AW33733300-3800MHz2T0° or T4°11dBi90°Request A Quote
AW33743300-3800MHz2T0°7.0dBi360°Request A Quote
AW3641Mini Macro Shroud
Mountable enclosure for radio and backhaul equipmentRequest A Quote
AW3406-S2496-2690MHz4T0°13.5dBi65°Request A Quote

For other non-standard requirements please contact us with details, and we will be happy to provide a proposal