Product Group: 2300-2700MHz

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Beam Width
AW30032300-2700MHz2T0°or T4° 18.0dBi65°Request A Quote
AW30042300-2700MHz2T0°or T4° 16.0dBi90°Request A Quote
AW30882300-2700MHz2T4°10.0dBi360°Request A Quote
AW31632300-2700MHz2T0°-T10° VET17.0dBi65°Request A Quote
AW31642300-2700MHz2T0°-T10° VET16.0dBi90°Request A Quote
AW30072300-2700MHz4T0°or T4° 18.0dBi65°Request A Quote
AW30082300-2700MHz4T0°or T4° 17.0dBi90°Request A Quote
AW31652300-2700MHz4T0°-T10° VET17.0dBi65°Request A Quote
AW31662300-2700MHz4T0°-T10° VET16.0dBi90°Request A Quote
AW3286-R2496-2700MHz2T0°-T6° eRET18dBi65°Request A Quote
AW3193-R2496-2700MHz4T0°-T6° eRET18dBi65°Request A Quote
AW3296-R2496-2700MHz2T0°-T6° eRET16.5dBi90°Request A Quote
AW3295-R2496-2700MHz4T0°-T6° eRET16.5dBi90°Request A Quote

For other non-standard requirements please contact us with details, and we will be happy to provide a proposal