Antenna Quality Impacts Mobile Network Performance

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Poor quality antennas are now a major limiting factor in the performance of high capacity mobile networks. So why do operators often ignore them? Customers are demanding more from mobile networks every day, while operators struggle to keep up with this demand. Yet antennas – a low-cost element in the network – can have a significant impact on overall network performance.

For many years, operators and equipment manufacturers have made significant progress in improving the components which make up their wireless networks. However, a major limiting factor of network capacity is the performance of the deployed antennas within the network.This single, vital component can be responsible for significant interference issues in the network, which can in turn limit traffic capacity and maximum throughput.

Deploying poor quality antennas in mobile communications networks can be equated to putting normal road tyres on a Formula 1 car – the vehicle can be driven, but a professional driver will tell you that performance is severely compromised. Click on the link to read the full article as published by Inside Towers

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